Track Expenses Easily

You can track your expense, split the bill, and record who paid for whom within one single transaction. No double entry. All in one single app.

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Track Expenses

Keep the good habit of tracking every single expense. If your friend or family member adds you as a spender, your expense is also updated automatically.

Split Bills

Bills are split automatically and evenly among all the spenders. You can easily make adjustment so that everyone pays the exact amount for himself/herself.

Record Debts

You pay for some today. Someone pays for you tomorrow. Eventually, the debts are even out, or the remaining can be settled in one go. No more awkward bill splitting after every meal.

Transaction Features

All the features you need to track your expenses effortlessly.

  • Input currency

  • In-app calculator

  • Date

  • Note

  • Category and subcategory

  • One payer and multiple spenders


Modern UI Design

All the features you need for expense tracker are carefully crafted with modern design concepts. User experience is the fundamental feature we take seriously into consideration.


Connect with your friends or family who are also Trexy user. Transactions and expenses between Trexy users are synchronized. No separate entry is needed.

Social Login

Safe and secured one-click login with Facebook, Google, and Apple (iOS). No need to remember additional username or password.

Offline Operation

You can view and record your expense even when you're offline. All the data will be synced when you're back online.

Online Storage

All your transaction data and settings are safely stored online. You can retrieve them when you sign in a new device.














Categorize your expenses so that you can understand where your money goes. You can visualize the percentages of your monthly expenses in pie chart. Expenses can be broken down to subcategory granularity.

You can create new categories with a name, emoji, and color. Color-coded categories are the best way to visualize your monthly spending at a glance.

We created a default set of categories for you. You can add or update any category to your preferences.


Beautiful Dark Mode

Are you team dark mode? High contrast design gives you better focus on on the numbers and figures that really matters to you.


Worldwide Currencies

With more than 100 worldwide currencies you can choose from, you no longer have to do currency conversion manually before recording your expenses. Your expenses can be recorded with the foreign currency and displayed with your local currency.

Exchange rates are updated daily.

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